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What is MyBASW?

MyBASW is a new and exclusive service for BASW members. If you're already a member, you can use your membership ID to register and get instant access to the discussion forum and back issues of Professional Social Work (PSW). We've got more exciting features on the way, so keep an eye on your Inbox, PSW and basw.co.uk for the latest updates.

Discover, learn and network on Exchange

The place to go to engage in discussion and debate about the topics relating to your profession. Exchange is the member-only online forum for discussing the issues that affect you in the social work scene. We welcome all members to share views on existing discussion topics or create your own. Finally. A place to chat, discuss and network with other BASW members.

PSW online

MyBASW offers exclusive member access to PSW before the magazine arrives in your home, enabling you to read the latest issue up to five days before doormat delivery. You can also get access to previous editions of the magazine.

Coming soon...

MyBASW is the start of an exciting new development and we'll be introducing new services over the coming months, so check back regularly for new updates. We're also interested to hear your comments and feedback on MyBASW, so feel free to use the Feedback button once you've logged in to drop us a line.